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Preparing To Buy A New Home

13 February 2015

Preparing To Buy A New Home

Preparing To Buy A New Home
The purchase of a new home is an undertaking worth careful consideration. Before beginning the purchase process, it is critical that are intimately knowledgeable about your own finances, your credit score and you must be certain about the house are you are considering buying, as well as other factors.

Many a prospective first-time homeowner becomes very excited about the idea of searching for a house to purchase. Don’t let your emotions override logical considerations; you need to know what is required to purchase a house and ensure that you are capable of becoming a homeowner. Likewise, if you are unable to afford a new house, don’t despair; patience is required.

Your credit history and resulting credit score are key determinants in the house acquisition process. Request a copy of your credit history, and then review it very carefully to ensure that is entirely accurate. Any inaccuracies must be resolved prior to seeking a mortgage.

The reason your credit score is so important is that lenders use the score as part of the determination process to set what your interest rate will be. A lower rate allows you to get a larger loan if you need it.

Take the time to prepare a realistic budget, detailing your expenses (excluding rent), debts and all sources of income. The difference between your income and all your other expenses is the absolute maximum monthly mortgage payment you may be able to afford. This information will help you to realistically look only at properties you are likely to be able to afford to purchase.

Even if you have previously owned or maintained a home, it is important to inspect any home you are considering for purchase. Critical systems, such as heating, electrical systems, roofing, plumbing all can be big-ticket repair expenses if the systems are not in optimal condition. Even new homes can have problems, so checking the house carefully applies to newly built homes as well as older homes.

Not only is it common to hire a professional, certified home inspector to check a house that you are seriously considering for purchase, it is a great idea. Become familiar with the location the house is at; if a house or neighborhood has a history of theft and break-ins, you may want to search elsewhere.

Homes in neighborhoods that have access to good public transportation and high quality schools should be on your list of homes to see. Good schools and access to transportation typically will increase the resale potential of your home, so it is good to ensure that the house you select has these features.

Chris Stanton has been providing articles about buying a new home for the last four years. In addition, he enjoys contributing information about NYC real estate topics, such as University Heights apartments as well as Pelham Bay apartments.

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